Monday 24 September 2012

Saturday 16 June 2012


Well here is a pleasant review of the show featuring my work, comments and a few photos of the installation.

Alternative Barnsley - Review.

Its photos, of my work in a show!

Here are a few photos I took at the degree show my work is in. Currently open in Barnsley!
 A little of back ground about this piece;
I have always had shells on display in my room collected from childhood holidays, such as shells from a holiday in Orkney collected by a causeway leading to an island home of an ancient settlement, or a small squirrel bead worn my the sea and still warm from the sun found on a childhood holiday to Cornwall. These items show how a sentiment can be built up around an object making it priceless to you though it holds no monetary value. I want to capture this idea of taking memories of a place home through an object. My beach combing tendencies were somewhat limited as a child, still the fascination of how the sea affects objects both man-made and natural still grew. In May I visited a small fishing town in the east Neuk of Fife. This project is initially about my immediate bond and liking the place. But also it is about obsession and hoarding, the objects I have collected being repeatedly categorized not only showing obsession but also the repetitive nature of life. Everything we do is purely recording the cosmic mess that the universe fundamentally is. Life is a case of making order out of chaos as ultimately we are tiny in the greater scale of the universe. Inspiration is taken from the time old tradition of beach combing and its place in peoples lives today and a human desire for order. Artist influence is primarily drawn from Mark Dion with his work such as ‘Tate Dig’.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Sand, shells and jars!!

Here are some photos of my latest art project, inspired by the sea and the result of a LOT of beach combing, here are a selection of photos. I have more to follow.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

EP up online!

My EP is now up on Band Camp. You can listen before you buy and it is available as both download and what will be a limited run of CD-R's with a shell I have collected as an exciting shell like gift...

Here are a few photos of the CD-R to tempt you...

Please listen or buy or both preferably and I know the shell is the tipping point, every one likes a good shell!